Riot brings back Valorant patch 1.11 and Skye after new fixes

Olivia Richman • November 4, 03:10

Valorant’s most recent patch is back, which means new agent Skye is also in the game once again. 

Riot developers were forced to roll back patch 1.11 after it was launched on October 30 due to a number of game-breaking bugs. Some of these issues included Viper and Brimstone’s smoke abilities being clear and hollow inside, as well as Reyna and Omen’s blinds not working effectively. Valorant developers called 1.11 a “technical nightmare.” 

Valorant patch 1.11 bug

Patch 1.11’s bugs were even more concerning due to Nerd St. Gamer’s First Strike Open Tournament taking place at the time. Riot didn’t want to risk the competitive integrity of the event. 

“For clarity, when we rollback a patch it means we put the game files back to the last state it was in. This means we remove some files, change some files back to what they were,” Valorant developers explained.

After rolling back the patch and working to fix it, Valorant has announced the return of 1.11. 

Now that 1.11 has returned, players will be able to try out Skye and Icebox once again. Icebox will even be available going into Nerd St. Gamer’s Closed First Strike tournament. 

Even though Valorant players are happy to have 1.11 back, some people responded on Twitter that Icebox should be left out of the game. A lot of people have been frustrated with the map’s design, including its numerous corners and the combat strategies players are forced into as a result. 

Players will notice that if they purchased Skye, they won’t have to spend cash on the agent again. Any progress made on the agent will also still be there. Players that started the Skye character contract will be able to continue as well. 


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