Rift Herald refuse to complete its charge for DWG KIA at MSI 2021

By Christian Vejvad


May 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A rare Rift Herald bug had the match between DWG KIA and PSG Talon at the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational undergo a Chronobreak during the rumble stage. 

During the fourth day of the rumble stage at MSI 2021, a fairly rare Rift Herald bug happened after DWG KIA mid laner Heo “ShowMaker” Su tried to spawn it in the mid lane. Usually, the Rift Herald would charge the turret and grant ShowMaker some gold from the turret platings but not this time. Instead, Rift Herald glitched out in its charge which resulted in a fairly long break. 

A bug like this was significant enough for Riot to do a Chronobreak in the game. A Chronobreak means that Riot reverses the games a certain amount of seconds, for the players to play out the situation once again without the bug. After the break, ShowMaker managed to spawn the Rift Herald and get the charge off correctly. 

While the bug hasn’t appeared in professional play before, it’s by no means new. For a while, the Rift Herald has had a tendency to glitch when it’s spawned too close to the tower that it’s about to charge. More specifically, if Rift Herald is being spawned around 300 units from the turret. 

The reason why the bug happens is seemingly that the Rift Herald will charge at the same distance from which the charge would normally end. This exact distance makes the game confused and ultimately ends up canceling the charge. 

As the bug has been in the game for a while, it’s expected that Riot will put in an effort to get it removed completely after appearing on the professional stage. Despite the bug and longer pause, DWG KIA ended up winning the game against PSG Talon in a comfortable manner. 

DWG KIA is currently sitting at a 7-1 record with only one day left of the rumble stage. This means that DWG KIA is already qualified for the semifinals and currently looks to top the rumble stage group. 

What is Rift Herald? 

The Rift Herald is a neutral objective on Summoner’s Rift. It’s a melee attacker with a lot of health that spawns for the first time after eight minutes. The Rift Herald can spawn a total of two times during a game and will always despawn at 20 minutes to make room for Baron Nashor. When killed, the Rift Herald drops the Eye of the Herald, which any player from the team who killed it can pick up and use. 

How do I summon Rift Herald?

When carrying the Eye of the Herald, the player will be able to spawn Rift Herald by pressing the key bound to the trinket slot. Eye of the Herald will replace the trinket as long as it’s active and will disappear when it’s summoned. When the Rift Herald is summoned, it will automatically walk towards the nearest enemy structure. 


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