Ricegum shares sad pregnancy news with YouTube fans

By Olivia Richman


Apr 28, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The streaming community has responded with sadness and support after YouTuber Bryan Quang “Ricegum” Le announced that his first child was stillborn.

Ricegum has been away from the YouTube scene for a while. Previously known for his controversial videos, diss tracks, and beef with other content creators, Ricegum left the drama behind to focus on his life with his girlfriend Ellerie Marie. He jokingly asked on Twitter in late January if he should “come back” but never did.

Ricegum returns with sad news for fans

After three years without an upload, Ricegum returned to YouTube with a video titled “Baby Girl” on April 27, 2023. The three-minute video focused on Ellerie’s pregnancy and ended at 34 weeks when the baby’s heart stopped beating.

The video starts with Ricegum and Ellerie excitedly announcing their pregnancy and shows the first moment they told family members. The couple seemed really happy together, sharing a lot of moments that were never before seen by fans. There were also short clips of hospital visits and Ellerie’s progress, possibly meant to be used in a happy announcement when the baby was born.

“At 35 weeks, our world crashed down on us when we were told our baby no longer had a heartbeat,” Ricegum wrote at the end of the video. “The reason for this tragedy will be forever unknown.”

Ricegum then explained that his girlfriend had to go into induced labor and birth the stillborn child. The moment clearly had an impact on Ricegum, who called her the “most perfect angel” and said that she “would’ve been here with us” if it had been just a few more weeks.

“We are still in tremendous shock,” he said. “Our family and friends were beyond excited to welcome our baby into the world. Instead, we are in deep pain and permanently scarred. Only time has helped us through this tragedy. We could never get through this without each other.”

Ricegum captioned the YouTube video with “I’m sad” and asked people to show support for Ellerie. In response, fans and streamers came out in droves to mourn the loss and support Ricegum and Ellerie. This included FaZe Clan owner Ricky Banks, who claimed to have known about the pregnancy for months.

“I was the very first person Rice told he was having a baby. I’ve known for a while. I had absolutely no idea they lost her. Life is so f—ing unfair. Give my brother all the loving energy you have,” he wrote.

The support has continued to flood in on YouTube and Twitter. It’s unclear if Ricegum will create more content or use social media going forward.