Respawn lays out plans for future events in Apex Legends

By Quentyn Kennemer


Aug 29, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

With the Apex Legends: Iron Crown event out of the way, Respawn Entertainment is taking a step back to reflect and to update players on its plans for the future.

In a blog post on the Apex Legends website, Respawn’s director of product management Lee Horn shed more light on the team’s approach to these events and what players can expect from them moving forward.

Although events will have different themes and components, Respawn wants to ensure they each offer some consistency. Each one will feature a three-pronged delivery of new gameplay components, free content, and premium purchasable cosmetics.

Going deeper, we learn that there are three structures Respawn is favoring: season launches, themed events, and collection events.

For the seasonal launches, we’re promised a Battle Pass refresh, at least one new character, new loot items like weapons and attachments, significant map changes, balancing, and the potential for new features and modes.

Themed events, such as Season 1’s Legendary Hunt, will happen mid-season to bring a limited-time game mode, event challenges, and new cosmetics to buy or earn through challenges. We may also see minor map additions akin to Octane’s Gauntlet, the playground near the air base that looks like a skate park. 

New themed events coming soon to Apex Legends


The next themed event will arrive in early September, and Respawn hints that it surrounds a certain Phase Expert character. Unless a new one is being introduced between now and then, expect Wraith to be the star. Leaks suggest we’re in store for some changes around a small settlement near Hydro Dam, where flags and construction boards warn would-be trespassers to turn away.

Respawn says to be on the lookout for new lore, too.

Collection events are like themed events, only they will have unique Apex packs and directly purchasable cosmetics. The recently concluded Iron Crown event is a prime example.

This new transparency from Respawn is much appreciated. The company is battling backlash from Iron Crown regarding its price structure, with players being asked to pay $7 each for 24 packs total. It included a Bloodhound Heirloom pack that costs 3,500 Apex Coins, or about $35. It was only accessible after acquiring all other items, which meant completionists had to commit nearly $200 to get everything.

That backlash came not just from the event itself, but also regarding Respawn’s initial attitude toward complaints. One developer called Apex players a bunch of “freeloaders,” among other choice insults. This comment forced an apology out of Respawn head Vince Zampella.

The developer hopes to put that brief moment of ugliness behind it by focusing on continuous improvements and taking community feedback more seriously as it continues Apex’s most aggressive content rollout since the launch of Season 1.