Resident Evil 4 remake: All the details from State of Play

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State of Play has revealed a ton of new details for the Resident Evil 4 remake, and not all fans are completely satisfied.

When Capcom began remaking the Resident Evil series in 2019, it came with the silent promise that Resident Evil 4 would eventually get a makeover. The widely-acclaimed title is one of the most influential games in history, and messing up the remake could tarnish its legacy. However, Capcom appears to be pulling out all the stops for the Resident Evil 4 remake, with gameplay finally revealed in the most recent State of Play. 

State of Play finally shows Resident Evil 4 remake gameplay

The State of Play, on February 23, 2023, finally showed off gameplay segments from the Resident Evil 4 remake in addition to cinematics.

The trailer’s biggest reveal was some clips of standard gameplay, with Leon Kennedy taking on mutated enemies. One clip even showed off his signature ammo-conserving kick. The State of Play also showed off some remake bosses, with the infamous dual El Gigante fight returning from the original RE4. The clips also show Luis Sera fighting alongside Leon, hinting at improved-friendly AI.

The trailer also showed that some of the more gratuitous set pieces from the game are returning with confidence. The footage showed gameplay from the on-rails minecart segment with a completely remastered tunnel. Capcom also gave glimpses of Leon’s showdown with Jack Krauser, which is often considered the most challenging fight in the game.

New Ada Wong outfit for RE4 remake revealed

While Resident Evil 4 fans are happy to see most of the new reveals at the State of Play, Ada Wong’s new outfit has some fans riled up.

In the original game, Ada almost always wore a revealing red dress with a leg cutout revealing a pistol holster. The dress became synonymous with the character, and Ada’s appearance in future games often nodded toward the first outfit. However, the mysterious secret agent will do away with the dress in the remake in favor of a much more practical costume. 

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She now wears a form-fitting red sweater with a turtleneck. Her leg holster has been swapped out for a set of armpit holsters. Instead of bare legs, she also wears a pair of black tights. Some fans have derided the change as taking away from Ada Wong’s character. Others disagree, claiming on social media that the new outfit fits her character just as well as the dress. Most costume changes for the Resident Evil 4 remake have been well-received, but Ada Wong has been a particularly strong point of contention.