Regional price changes are coming to Valorant for all skins and products

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has announced significant regional price changes coming to Valorant in September. 

Players in certain regions may want to stock Valorant Points before September since a price hike is on the horizon. The developer has confirmed that product rates would change in the coming days due to the currency fluctuations in some regions. 

In a blog post, the developer has revealed a list of changes coming to Brazil, Latin America, Russia, Turkey, and Europe. North America is exempt from the price revisions. 

Valorant skin bundles see price changes 

Riot Games’ shooter is free to play but luxurious sets of skins contribute tons to individual gameplay. This boost could be attributed to the sound animation in premium skins that help players land satisfactory headshots. Animations combined with creative designs make these skins worth big money that not everyone can afford. 

Valorant has some of the most sought-after skins in first-person shooter games, which is why the developer keeps a keen eye on pricing trends. Riot Games evaluates global pricing and makes adjustments to account for changes in taxation and regional discrepancies. These changes can be both increases or decreases. 

The current price changes come as a result of currency fluctuations and taxations in certain regions. Some regions will see a hike in price, whereas owners of European accounts will be able to buy skins at cheaper rates. 

Here are the revised prices in each region:

  1. Brazil: +15% average price increase
  2. Colombia: +11% average price increase
  3. Costa Rica: +16% average price increase
  4. Mexico: +17% average price increase
  5. Chile: +16% average price increase
  6. Uruguay: +17% average price increase
  7. Peru: +15% average price increase
  8. Russia: +6% average price increase
  9. Turkey: +17% average price increase
  10. Europe (for EUR, GBP & HUF currencies only): -5% average price decrease

These changes will be implemented on September 8, before the next act begins. 

Riot Games adds boosted VP bonus to Valorant

To compensate for the increased rates of skins, the developer has added a boosted bonus to each VP buy. Previously, players would get 150 extra points for shopping for a package. Riot Games has now announced 350+ VPs as a bonus. This means players can buy more skins from their Valorant market till the new prices come into effect. 

The bonus will only be available from August 23 to September 8, when the price changes go into effect. This promotion is valid on accounts across all regions.