RED Canids upset Infinity Esports in Worlds 2021 Play-Ins

Nicholas James • October 5, 11:58

Worlds 2021 began today, and there are already spicy upsets and unexpected happenings in Iceland thanks to RED Canids and Infinity Esports.

Facing down its minor region fellows in Infinity Esports, RED Canids managed to string together excellent performances that can give fans plenty of hope for its future at the tournament.

The first day of the tournament is generally expected to be unexciting relative to the rest of the event. However, RED Canids weren’t about to let the fact that they were the second game of the day stop them. The game quickly evolved into a one-sided display once RED Canids’ roster had passed their slightly shaky early game. Early kills by Matias “Whitelotus” Musso and Diego “SolidSnake” Vallejo gave Infinitey Esports immediate momentum, but RED was ready to meet them.

RED Canids looks strong in its first Worlds 2021 game

RED Canid’s composition was fully ready to fight, consisting of Camille, Lillia, Sett, Miss Fortune, and Leona, in descending order from top lane to support. The level of agency and strong engagement tools allowed RED Canids to come back from early kills by Infinity.

Across from them was Infinity’s composition of Kennen, Jarvan, Sylas, Lucian, and Nami wasn’t short on brutal ability combinations either. It was a back and forth fight throughout the early and mid game before RED started to pull ahead after bloody and chaotic fights. Infinity continued to play around Whitelotus, who rapidly became their central win condition. The powerful combination of Nami’s heals combined with Lucian’s newly empowered auto-attacks proved deadly as the clock reached 20 minutes.

In the end, RED Canids kept finding excellent fights around the mid lane and baron in the blink of an eye. Two quick kills on overextended Infinity members just before Baron Nashor spawned meant RED Canids were back in it. Infinity couldn’t seem to adjust in time, as RED Canids set up ambush after ambush in their jungle, clearing vision and forcing their opponents to face-check bushes. This continued until through 30 minutes, where a single catch around Baron Nashor resulted in a wipe for RED Canids. Midlaner Daniel “Grevthar” Xavier kept finding excellent openings to fights for his teammates.

RED Canids looks more bloodthirsty and capable than expected, while Infinity Esports put up an admirable fight. In the end, Nami alone was not enough to stop the 5-man push from RED Canids tearing down Infinity’s base and nexus at 32 minutes.

With matches like these, Worlds 2021 promises to be as excellent as ever. Worlds 2021’s Play-In stage continues tomorrow, so don’t forget to lock in your Crystal Ball Pick’ems.


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