Red Bull Flick combines competitive Wingman with custom CSGO maps

By Nick Johnson


May 1, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Redd Bull has partnered with FACEIT to host a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition offering $22,000 in prize money. The tournament introduces a new game mode that Counter-Strike players have never seen before, a mix between King of the Hill and CSGO’s Wingman, requiring teams of two players to capture and hold an area on the map for a specific amount of time.

The tournament is being held on the FACEIT platform in conjunction with the gaming monitor manufacturer AOC, and will hold national competitions to determine the teams that will move forward to the main event. The maps vary, from the indoor Castle to the Dust-themed Speedway. In a throwback to games like Halo, weapons are littered around the map, meaning the two-versus-two competition will have a serious focus on positioning and map control instead of just aim, which is more what normal Wingman modes normally require.

The Red Bull Banner on the Red Bull Flick page is named “event_hero_redbull_flick”. That’s interesting because “hero” is the same prefix attached to headers in Steam’s event pages. It’s likely we’ll see Red Bull Flick on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s event page closer to its start date.

Red Bull Flick’s custom CSGO maps are new and different

What’s even more interesting is that some map settings that control acceleration are almost identical to Counter-Strike’s surf maps. In practice, this means that bunny hopping is much easier in Red Bull’s new game mode. What used to be a difficult skill to master on a regular Counter-Strike server, bunny hopping on these maps is much easier. It’s a smart addition by Red Bull.

The changes make the game mode almost a sure hit, and the ease of difficulty will make the game mode an easy introduction to a difficult game.

All in all, Red Bull has created five unique maps for the teams that will compete in the Red Bull Flick and introduced what could become an official game mode for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the future. Two of the maps are much smaller affairs. Himalaya and Speedway are close-quarters maps with pistols and shotguns, while maps like Castle could also be suited to four-versus-four competition and feature easily attainable rifles and a special AWP spawn in the center of the map.


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Jump pads, health pickups, and weapons liter the maps in what might be the most fun addition to Counter-Stike since Flying Scoutsman made its return during Operation Hydra all the way back in 2017. The four-person game mode is a ton of fun, and Red Bull’s custom configuration loads perfectly on the new maps. In what might be the most overlooked part of the new maps, the flag animation when capping the central zone is just amazing. As of now, there’s nothing in Counter-Strike that resembles it.

Players can download all of Red Bull’s maps here and sign up for the official Red Bull Flick tournament here.