open Bind's TP from outside

Raze can open Bind teleporters from outside and it’s amazing

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Bind’s teleporters can be a menace if the enemy team won’t stop exploiting them but it’s possible to open them from the outside thanks to Raze. 

Pearl is Valorant’s first map not to have a unique feature that directly impacts gameplay. Before Pearl, Riot Games gave each map a gimmick that changed how teams navigated the map or forced players to use unique strategies. Ziplines, three bombsites, and two middle areas have been used by Riot so far, but Bind’s teleporters remain the most annoying gimmick so far due to their massive impact on the game.

Bind’s teleporters are tricky to play around. Low-level players often overlook them, not using them to their full potential but the automatic doors can be rewarding to the point of being OP. For those who get too comfortable using them, Raze is the best counter-play.

open Bind's TP from outside

How to open Bind’s teleporters from outside

It’s possible to open Bind’s TP from the outside using Raze. The discovery is game-changing and can help net wins on the map. Here’s how to do it.

A year ago, players discovered bugs in Bind that allowed various agents to unlock the stubborn metal doors. Cypher, Sova, Yoru, and more could replicate the sneaky exploit, but then Riot patched the map. The bug was seemingly gone for good, but players have made a game-changing discovery. A year later, Raze can still tinker with the door, hinting that it may not be a bug after all.

The duelist is likely equipped with the ability to open the TP from outside. To do this, equip your Boombot and stand in the left corner of the doors. Release the bot to open the doors. 

This trick can be extremely useful in ranked games. Players may camp inside the TP at the round’s beginning and try to take attackers by surprise. The attackers can also hold this angle to cut off flanks and deal damage. Raze may also open the doors for teammates to create plays.

However, there is a catch. The teleporters make a loud noise when they are activated, which may alert enemies. This trick can backfire badly as enemies can potentially spray through the doors for a wallbang kill. Moreover, you may stay stuck throughout the round if your position has been exposed, making this move futile. 

To top it all, spending Raze’s valuable Boombot on a risky trick isn’t the most brilliant move in serious matches. All these drawbacks may explain why Raze is still able to replicate the potential bug. Still, this move will ultimately be useful at some point in the future, so make sure to have it in mind when playing on Bind.