Rap Rivals has NA and EU face off before Rift Rivals tournament

Olivia Richman • June 27, 2019 2:00 pm

Although Rift Rivals doesn’t start until tomorrow, NA and EU are already duking it out in the form of an old school rap battle. 

The two regions were represented by hard hitting commentators who had some flow to dish out, along with some epic burns. For those of you still recovering from H1ghsky1’s Turner “Tfue” Tenney diss (click at your own risk), this may be just the medicine you need to believe in the art of rap battling once again. 

For the LEC, Daniel “Drakos” Drakos and Andrew “Vedius” Day took some shots at the NA teams. One of the most memorable burns included, “Sneaky better in a dress than in a bot lane.” 

The two commentators also took some shots at North America’s high ping, while also noting Team SoloMid‘s struggles in international play. They also didn’t miss a chance to use the “paid for by Steve” dig at Team Liquid

“So give us that trophy on a platter. Back-to-back MSI to Worlds. Only Doublelift that matters,” the EU commentators rapped in the second verse. 

In response, the LCS had Clayton “CaptainFlowers” Raines. The NA commentator made note of the EU teams’ cockiness, stating it would most likely bring them down in the end. 

“Yeah, you won back in MSI, but you know that we got our eye on the trophy and you know that I’ll be coming for it soon,” CaptainFlowers rapped. 

The NA rep also took jabs at Fnatic, stating, “The times have changed. Fnatic rearranged. Their relationship with winning is a little bit estranged.” 

Rift Rivals is being hosted by the LCS for a second year in a row as Europe prepares for the 2019 World Championship taking place in their neck of the woods later in the year.

The Rift Rivlas event will kick off with the group stage. On June 29, there will be a “relay race” best-of-five finals in which every team will play an opponent from the opposing region at least once. 

The LCS is being represented by their top three teams from the spring split: Team Liquid, TSM, and Cloud9. The LEC will be answering with G2 Esports, Origen, and Fnatic. 



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