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Ranking all the best pistols in Valorant and when to use them

By Fariha Bhatti


May 12, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

Competitive players sometimes don’t care as much about eco rounds and play them carelessly. But you should remember that it’s always possible to win these rounds by picking the best pistols in Valorant.

Economy management is crucial to winning a game in Valorant. Making the call to save or buy can help your team to stay competitive even after losing a round. But knowing when to make these decisions isn’t easy. Coaching services like Metafy can help players learn when to buy and when to save. 

Coaching can also help you to understand which pistol is best suited for a particular situation and how to get your full money’s worth. Sidearms may be cheap, but you can still win the round by picking the correct one. We have ranked all the best pistols in Valorant by map and agent type.


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The Ghost is doubtlessly one of the best pistols in Valorant for its one-tap potential at longer ranges. Only pick this sidearm if you’re playing Ascent, Breeze, or Haven, as these maps have these longer distances to work with. It warrants a high win rate against fully armored enemies on both attack and defense. This weapon works best on agents like Reyna, Skye, Raze, and Chamber. 

The Ghost shines in most situations among the sidearms, making it the best sidearm to pick in eco rounds. For just 500 creds, it renders heavy damage against opponents. However, you may not be able to afford armor if you’re down. If you’re left with some extra cash, try investing on light shield for 400 creds. This combination should help to drop enemy players with heavier buys.


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The Shorty might be the top-ranked sidearm if the Ghost didn’t exist. The pocket Bucky wipes fully armored enemies with just two bullets on the head. However, you have to be playing at close angles to make use of it. It’s best to pick up this sidearm on maps like Bind, Split, and Icebox, which have tight entries. If you’re trying to win, try to avoid always picking the Shorty on defense, even on smaller maps. The sidearm shines on the attacker’s side, where holding angles and picking single duels is easier. 

For just 150 creds, the Shorty is easily your best pick on smaller maps. Agents who have damage-dealing kits can put Shorty to the correct use. For example, Viper can take down tenderized enemies by using her ultimate or Smoke. Brimstone and Phoenix’s molotov can help do the same. But the Shorty’s limited magazine may put you in risky situations if you aren’t able to immediately end an engagement. 


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It’s a risky investment to buy a Sheriff when your team is struggling to make ends meet. The weapon costs 800 creds but can be a game-changer in the right hands. The Sheriff works wonders on almost all Valorant maps as it’s just as deadly at close range as it is at longer distances. But the shooter has to be an ace aimer. 

If you’re a Chamber or Jett main, you may have practiced landing your one-taps on the first try pretty well. So you should be able to bag multiple kills with the Sheriff during eco rounds. But make sure the rest of the team opts for cheaper pistols and buys armor while you pick up your pricey sidearm. 


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The Classic is a pistol that all players receive upon spawning, which means it’s free. The Classic can be an incredibly lethal sidearm for zero investment when used aptly. It has two firing modes, a single-bullet primary fire and a semi-automatic alternate fire that fires three bullets instantly. The alt-fire can prove to be a menace at close range. If your team is fully broke, go for Classics and try to hold tight angles. 

By playing as a team, you may be able to drop at least one enemy weapon that should help you to bounce back into the game. 


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The Frenzy is an excellent sidearm, but players may find it inconsistent. Its spray is tough to control, which is why the Frenzy is not for all players. But it can still help to win rounds on smaller maps if you’ve practiced it enough. Learning its spray pattern is crucial to mastering the Frenzy, as this sidearm is different than any other weapon in Valorant. Close-range flashers like Phoenix and Breach may be able to squeeze the full juice out of this tricky sidearm. 

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