Quickshot shows how LEC’s remote broadcasts are getting done

By Olivia Richman


Mar 21, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

“HOW DID I GET DRAGGED INTO THIS?” LEC shoutcaster Trevor “Quickshot” Henry tweeted earlier today. 

That outburst came soon after a tweet where he addressed an audio stutter that took place during the Excel versus Fnatic match earlier today. In response, his followers had only words of encouragement. After all, Quickshot and other members of the LEC crew were running a remote broadcast for the online matches

As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout Europe and the world, esports events like the LEC have been postponed and canceled in the past few months. To keep the competition alive, the LEC decided to move its matches online, which included some creative solutions for the accompanying broadcast as well. 

“I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that put this together behind the scenes, so that I and everyone watching can have some awesome EU League to watch from home,” he said in an emotional Reddit post

He also used the Reddit post to thank everyone who watched the broadcast, offering them an inside look at what it took to put the show together during Europe’s lockdown. The photos showed the shoutcasters’ setup, the producer’s setup, and the observers setup. All were makeshift, but effective. 

Here’s Quickshot’s setup. for anyone wondering why there are a bunch of blankets around his monitor, he explained on Reddit. “It’s primarily for the echo in my spare room. The echo is so bad I have to cover the wall and monitors to try reduce the impact on my microphone.”

“I’m sitting at home playing a coordinating role today, honestly I’m just blown away at the response from the viewers at home and even more impressed by the production team. We started investigating how to produce the LEC from home, and keep all the major elements of the broadcast so that it was still LEC quality,” he wrote to fans.

By the time he shared this sentiment on Reddit, two games had been a success and he was “happy with the current state” of the first ever remote LEC broadcast. He admitted it was planned in under four days and relied on home internet connections. Of course, that opened them up to a lot of variables so it wasn’t a perfect broadcast. 

“We are working through audio issues as well as new slew of technical challenges to work through. I’m optimistic that we can increase the quality and address these problems one by one over the coming shows,” Quickshot continued.

He then asked fans to “be patient” as they continue to address various issues that arose throughout the day. He called the remote situation “techncially challenging,” which nobody can deny after seeing the behind-the-scenes photos of the team houses and remote broadcast staff. Here’s two observers at their setup below. 

Despite his earlier tweet, Quickshot was quick to send out a more positive message after the day concluded. 

“Who knew that the LEC in-houses would turn out to be training for the actual show? I’m so proud of this caster team and I’m genuinely jealous I’m not on air today,” he tweeted

LEC viewers were quick to applaud the effort. 

“I would rather have LEC with a few technical issues than a week without LEC. Great job LEC team,” one fan responded. 

A Reddit user chimed in that the broadcast had “severe problems” but they were just glad to have LEC back, “especially in times of corona, where so many other means of entertainment are suddenly gone…” 

Fans and the broadcast team alike are already looking forward to tomorrow’s matches, which should already see some improvements over today’s show. Fans couldn’t thank Quickshot and the others involved enough for their efforts. 

And here’s Quickshot with his doggo to brighten up your day even more. 


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