PSG.LGD, Elephant hunt for Secret’s top spot in Dota 2 rankings

By Steven Rondina


Dec 16, 2020

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Some big changes have hit the Dota 2 rankings, and things are looking set to change even more soon. After months of a rigid hierarchy defined by Team Secret, Quincy Crew, and Fnatic dominating their respective regions, the top 10 has been blown wide open.

Even Team Secret, after months as the undisputed best team in Dota 2, is now just a sliver ahead of the pack. Here’s where things stand after EPIC League, Realms Collide 2, and OGA Dota PIT Season 4:

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Catch up on the Dota 2 rankings:

Team Secret still on top, but barely

While Team Secret remains the top-ranked team, its immense lead over the pack has almost entirely evaporated. An early exit from ESL One Germany and mediocre showing at EPIC League alongside the rise of teams in China has seen Team Secret’s massive lead dwindle considerably.

Secret still has the inside track over every team in the western world. Most of Europe’s top teams are neck-and-neck, with OG, Team Liquid,, and Team Nigma a fair bit behind Team Secret. That said, China’s Elephant and PSG.LGD are breathing down Secret’s neck.

PSG.LGD, Aster, and Elephant on the rise

China has long suffered from its depth of talent, with the sheer number of strong teams preventing any one organization from becoming especially dominant. That’s not necessarily going to change this year, but China does seem like it’s going to be a bit more top-heavy than it has been in recent history.

That largely stems from PSG.LGD and Elephant starting the season in such strong fashion. PSG.LGD has competed in six events since putting together its new roster, and the team has won three of those events and placed in the top four in the others. Elephant’s off-server drama has overshadowed the team’s in-game exploits, but Elephant has won China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2 and OGA Dota PIT Season 4 over the last two weeks.

Thoese two powerhouse rosters aren’t alone, either. Team Aster slipped into the top 10 while EHOME and Invictus Gaming are both just along the perimeter. That’s likely to loosen Europe’s hold on the top 10 moving forward.


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