pronax’s future with GODSENT unclear amid mental health concerns

Nick Johnson • August 27, 01:00

Markus “pronax” Wallsten helped found esports organization GODSENT in 2016, but recent events have muddied that relationship’s standing and may have left the Major champion on the outs.

After a series of tweets from pronax caused concern among fans of both the player and the organization, there is still no clear answer as to whether pronax will ever return to GODSENT in an operational capacity. While it seems as though the former player still retains control of his seat on the organization’s board of directors, pronax was removed from all operational positions, including his role as GODSENT’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team manager, on August 24.

pronax and GODSENT conflict goes public on Twitter

GODSENT co-founder Henrik Denebrandt said that pronax had been removed from his GODSENT obligations, making it likely the organization took measures to protect itself from the damage it believed that pronax could have caused to it. This might be in retaliation for what the player claimed is an ongoing attempt to force him out of the company, or while in the middle of an alleged mental health episode. 

On August 26, pronax said that he was asked to delete the original Twitter thread in which he detailed his allegations against GODSENT. Later that day, pronax revealed that the organization would hold a meeting with pronax and the rest of its board of directors on Tuesday, September 2.

So far, GODSENT has not commented on the situation beyond its initial tweet asking for privacy as it attempted to help its cofounder address his “mental health.” The organization’s operations look to be proceeding as usual after its CSGO squad withdrew from the eighth week of Eden Malta Vibes, presumably due to the incident and resulting conflict.

After the withdrawl, it was initially unclear how much of an effect its issues the situation regarding pronax would have on the organization’s participation in its upcoming scheduled matches, given that pronax had been managing the team. But an update from GODSENT’s Twitter account says that its roster is currently preparing for its opening match of ESL Pro League Season 12, scheduled for September 1. 


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