Profit doesn’t miss GOATS, feels ready for Vancouver showdown

By Olivia Richman


Aug 2, 2019

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The London Spitfire have stopped the Guangzhou Charge’s steady climb up the ranks. With a 3-1 record, the Spitfire easily kept their sixth-place spot in the Overwatch League Season 2 rankings, and they’re still in the running for a playoffs spot.

DPS specialist Park “Profit” Jun-yeung doesn’t see his team slowing down any time soon thanks to the 2-2-2 role lock this stage. talked DPS heroes with the skilled pro after their win. 

How do you feel about your win today over the Charge? 

Profit: It feels really good to win on assault. We haven’t been able to do that in this stage so far. I’m a little disappointed we couldn’t full hold on Havana. Otherwise, it feels pretty good. 

2-2-2 just started. Were you expecting any specific strategies from the Charge? 

We did make some predictions, but that only goes as far as predictions can go. We were able to win a little more easily because they didn’t play as we thought they would. We thought they were going to play something that was a little tougher for us to handle. 

You have three wins so far in Stage 4. Why do you think 2-2-2 has benefited your team so much? 

I think it’s because we are a team that have been playing around the concept of 2-2-2 for a long time, possibly longer than a lot of other teams. Our DPS players get to shine more. 

Is there anything you miss about GOATS? 


Why is that? 

It wasn’t the most exciting meta to play in. 

Your most-played hero in Stage 4 so far is Hanzo, with 43 percent of playtime. What is your usual plan when you pick this hero?

I played Hanzo because it was primarily a two-sniper meta. The game plan with Hanzo is click on all heads and kill everyone. 

Do you feel you’ve done that so far? 

Yeah, so far, so good! 

Why do you feel Mei is so effective in the 2-2-2 role lock? 

Mei is a hero that’s fixated on a lot of utility. She’s really flexible. A lot of teams pick her because she fits into so many team compositions. You can play dive with her, or stop dives with her, or hamper snipers. 

Who is the best Mei in the league right now? 

It’s really hard to tell whether a Mei player is doing really well from third-person perspective. I think it will take some time to tell who is the best Mei. 

You have been using Genji more than most other DPS players in Stage 4. Why do you think so many teams have avoided picking Genji? 

Genji is a hero that requires a lot of specific hero knowledge. To be really comfortable on Genji, especially when Orisa is a dominant tank…

He’s a more specialist pick. A lot of the teams using Genji have a Genji specialist on their team who feel comfortable using him in certain situations. 

Which heroes are you hoping will see more play in Stage 4? 

Reaper, Mei, and Sombra.

Why Sombra? 

Her EMP is really effective in team fights. Teams that know how to properly use her will use her a lot. 

Which hero did you start playing when you first starting playing Overwatch, and what drew you to that character? 

Genji. He was the most fun out of the DPS heroes. His ult used to be eight seconds, so it was really broken. It was fun to play because of that. 

What do you like about the DPS role? 

It’s a position that allows me to carry, and it’s really fun to play, because you do a lot of damage. 

Are there any teams that you feel have not adapted to the 2-2-2 meta? 

I think most teams are fully adjusted. It’s just that the mta is constantly rotating and changing based on who you scrim and what you think will be good.

Which team are you looking forward to competing against this stage? 

Vancouver, because of Hooreg. 

Do you think you guys have a chance against them? 

If Hooreg plays, then we will win for sure.

Just kidding! 


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