Pro CSGO player Rush considering switch to Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Champion Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro player Will “RUSH” Wierzba has revealed that Valorant might end up becoming his game of choice.

RUSH has gone under the radar ever since Complexity dropped him to make space for former Astralis player Patrick “es3tag” Hansen. RUSH’s recent career update is shocking for dedicated CSGO fans who’re already lamenting the loss of so many North American players switching to Valorant.

RUSH has announced that his plans aren’t limited to CSGO, and that he’s been flirting with the idea of playing Riot Games’ newer first-person shooter.

“My future still isn’t set but to be transparent I’ve been feeling out Valorant the last month to see if it’s a viable option for me,” RUSH said.

RUSH has been a headliner in the North American scene, bringing the region to the top in 2018. The pro player became a household name in CSGO by winning North America’s first and only major at ELEAGUE Major: Boston. Since then, he’s managed to maintain a solid record while at Complexity. However, the team’s recent slump called for roster changes. To fix the stagnancy issues, Complexity swapped RUSH with es3tag.

His departure from Complexity rang the alarm bell as many North American players instantly moved to Valorant after dropping out of their CSGO teams. Riot’s shooter has already roped in some of the biggest CSGO stars in North America, but fans hadn’t expected Rush to make the switch due to his decorated resume in Valve’s shooter. However, the pro player has announced that Valorant is now potentially in the cards.

Is RUSH switching to Valorant?

RUSH had a successful run in Europe, but he’s previously explained how continuous travel has been exhausting for him. Most of his time at Complexity was spent hopping from “hotel to hotel in the EU.” Due to various options in North American Valorant, the pro player could finally settle down.

The condition of North American CSGO doesn’t seem to have much space for a top talent like Rush. It’s likely that he will make the switch, as there are very few notable North American organizations who could offer a suitable home remaining in CSGO. RUSH’s future in CSGO seems blurry.

While he hasn’t already switched, he’s open to the idea of transitioning as many others already have. It remains to be seen how things pan would out for him elsewhere.