Prime Gaming Wild Rift rewards for December revealed

By Nicholas James


Dec 2, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

There are still rewards aplenty available across Riot Games’ titles through Prime Gaming even after the end of the RiotX Arcane event. Prime Gaming rewards will be available on Wild Rift all the way to November of next year, and likely beyond then.

December’s rewards for Wild Rift aren’t too impressive, but there are still RiotX Arcane rewards to claim through Prime Gaming as well.

What are the Prime Gaming rewards for December?

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Unlike the December prizes for League of Legends players, Prime Gaming’s rewards for Wild Rift players in December are pretty meager. All Wild Rift players will get for linking their Riot profile and their Amazon Prime account this month is a single random emote chest.

Given in-game events in LoL have been giving out champions, tons of new skins, and more, these rewards aren’t going to be worth much to anyone but the newest of Wild Rift players, though free in-game options are always nice. There will be drops of content every two weeks through to at least November next year.

Are the RiotX Arcane rewards for Wild Rift still available?

RiotX Arcane was full of a variety of goodies, even more so for fans with an Amazon Prime account. However, the RiotX Arcane bundle of rewards for Riot Games’ titles only includes Valorant, League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics. RiotX Arcane began the practice of bi-weekly content drops of everything from skins to recalls to baubles. These rewards are only available during each two-week period and become unavailable once the new offer can be claimed by Prime Gaming beneficiaries.

More rewards will be available partway through November but if it’s in keeping with the current rewards, it will be much less impressive than League of Legends’ Prime Gaming rewards for each month. These Rewards can be claimed through the Prime Gaming website by linking your Riot and Amazon Prime accounts. From there, they can be claimed online and unlocked through your collection upon launching the game.


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