PowerOfEvil looks for LCS & LEC offers, hints at departure from TSM

By Nicholas James


Oct 20, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage has hinted at his impending departure from North American organization TSM.

PowerOfEvil’s departure from the organization has been widely expected following rumors of TSM head coach Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg returning to professional play. Today PowerOfEvil announced on Twitter that he would likely be departing the organization in the coming year, and that he is fielding offers from teams in the LCS and LEC.

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PoE was the pick to replace TSM’s franchise player, Bjergsen, in 2021 after the latter retired to become the head coach at TSM. PowerOfEvil and Bjergsen had a long competitive history between the two and PoE was seen as Bjergsen’s personal choice to succeed his legacy on TSM. That change hasn’t lasted for long, with PowerOfEvil’s announcement lending even more credibility to talks of Bjergsen’s intent to return to the TSM lineup.

Will PowerOfEvil return to Europe and the LEC?

PowerOfEvil took to Twitter to announce that while he was still in discussions with TSM about plans for 2022, he was looking for options. In the post, PowerOfEvil says that there will be no buyout for organizations looking to acquire him for 2022, meaning that TSM has waived the option to make teams pay a premium on top of PoE’s contract in order to acquire him. This gesture can be seen as a laurel leaf from Bjergsen and the organization, making sure PowerofEvil can find a compatible home without the financial barrier of a buyout.

TSM is likely to undergo more significant changes as the 2022 LCS spring split approaches, as the organization’s failure to make Worlds has often meant roster shuffles in the past. PoE could potentially find another position in North America and the LCS, or choose to return home to the LEC, where huge roster changes are already happening.


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