Powerful Jhin ability bugged out of the game, says IKeepItTaco

Milo Webb • February 3, 23:21

Riot Games may have accidentally nerfed Jhin after introducing a fix to a bug on the champion’s E, Captive Audience.

Once the fix went live, a very powerful mechanic that has remained active since Jhin’s release was unexpectedly disabled. The ability involves the champion’s Q, Dancing Grenade, and cleverly executing minions in order to maximize the damage output.

Dancing Grenade’s damage per bounce increases by 35% per kill upwards to a total of 105%. Eagle-eyed Jhin players figured out that as the target dies before the next bounce then the ability’s damage would increase.

This led to the discovery of a powerful combo in which Jhin uses Q on 3 minions without them dying, but right before the last bounce connects, the player kills the minions with a W or auto attacks. This causes the final bounce to unleash the full 105% increased damage on the final target.

Jhin spell combos seemingly bugged after LoL update

This nerf was discovered by Jhin main and Twitch streamer IKeepItTaco while he was attempting to demonstrate the mechanic to his viewers.

IKeepItTaco created a thread on the League of Legends subreddit showcasing the nerf. Several users questioned whether or not the original mechanic was actually intended by Riot at all since it does not appear in Dancing Grenade’s tooltip. Some suggested that the combo may have been a bug itself that Riot had quietly removed.

Eventually, senior playtest QA analyst Riot Penguin commented on IKeepItTaco’s post.

“Hey taco, thanks for the report. I sent this thread to the SR team and will follow up tomorrow at the office,” said Penguin.

Penguin didn’t confirm whether this mechanic will see a comeback, but at least Jhin mains can be at ease knowing that Riot has acknowledged the issue.


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