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Popular LoL streamer Thebausffs banned for 1/17 Rammus game

by | Apr 14, 2023

Reading Time: 2 min.
Reading Time: 2 min.

League of Legends streamer Simon “Thebausffs” Hofverberg was banned after a particularly poor game, here’s how a bad Rammus game got Thebausffs banned.

Thebausffs is a streamer known for a high-death playstyle, especially on his signature champion, Sion. However, that playstyle has led to him getting temporarily banned from playing League of Legends several times. Recently, he added yet another notch in the history of unfortunate games leading to Riot Games-enforced absences. Here’s how a 1/17 Rammus game got Thebausffs banned.

Thebausffs banned for Rammus game

While he may have revolutionized the top lane by being the first to popularize the “inting Sion” strategy, Riot doesn’t seem as forgiving about Thebaus’ performances on Rammus. The streamer had locked in Rammus during a ranked play match and proceeded to have an absolutely abysmal time. By the end of the game, Thebaus had collected a 1/17 KDA, as the enemy team rolled over Thebaus’ team with ease. Normally, this kind of one-sided loss wouldn’t warrant a second look from anybody, but Riot’s reporting system seemed to think otherwise.

As the game ended, Thebaus seemed to have an inkling that he might be about to eat a temporary suspension from League of Legends. Upon finishing the game, theBausffs comments, “let’s play another game and then see if I get banned after,” as he re-queues.

However, it happens even faster than he could predict, with the notification that the account had been temporarily banned arriving only a minute and a half into the queue. The top lane streamer can’t seem to catch a break, with this being far from his first run-in with Riot’s player behaviour systems. While it’s unlikely to be as game-changing, Thebaus’ Rammus might quickly become as famous, or infamous, as his Sion.

Thebausffs had his account temporarily banned for 14 days, after which point he will be able to play League of Legends again on that account.

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