Pokimane successfully returns to Twitch despite controversies

By Olivia Richman


Sep 20, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Twitch streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys has been back on Twitch for 10 days and it’s like she never left. 

Pokimane left Twitch at the beginning of August, citing burnout and a lack of passion for creating content. Almost 30 days into her break, Pokimane had a surprise streaming session to tell fans that she was “deep in the process” of being motivated, excited, and ready to stream once again. 

Pokimane finally announced her return would be September 11 in a tweet on September 9. 

Unlike when Tyler “Ninja” Blevins took breaks from Fortnite streaming in the past, Pokimane saw a lot of success upon her return. The gamer and Just Chatting streamer received 1,519 new subscriptions on September 11, the day of her first stream. Twitch Tracker also reported that Pokimane’s 15-hour return stream had almost 36,000 viewers at its peak.

Pokimane sub count

But it only got better from there. 

On September 16, Pokimane drew in a crowd of over 60,000 for a stacked Among Us stream with other big name personalities. This included YouTubers PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye. 

A video of Pokimane playing Among Us also received over 600,000, proving that the game has been quite popular for her fanbase. A blend of gaming and strategy talk (and arguing), it’s allowed for a lot of entertaining moments in the streaming community in general. Despite ongoing controversy over Pokimane possibly having a boyfriend and fans spamming her Twitter replies with clips of her saying racial slurs, it seems that Pokimane is back on top.

Maybe even more popular than before. 

What is Pokimane’s net worth?

Even though many fans are happy about Pokimane’s return, others are curious about how she was able to not work for an entire month without consequence. This had many people wondering about her net worth. While it’s difficult to pinpoint Pokimane’s actual net worth, it appears to be between $1 million and $2 million

Pokimane has made most of her money from Twitch subscriptions, donations, sponsored ads, and deals on Twitch and YouTube. She’s currently one of the top 50 Twitch streamers with over 5.5 million followers. While some fans have accused Pokimane of “exploiting” men for donations, Pokimane has consistently held her ground about the validity of her business. 

“Just because I stream on Twitch doesn’t mean I ‘exploit lonely men for money.’ I don’t create personal relationships with my donors, nor do I exchange anything else for money, but a ‘thank you,'” Pokimane said in a since-deleted tweet. 

Pokimane recently revealed that she spends $10,000 to $20,000 a month maintaining her business. This includes paying video editors, business managers, social media assistants, and an investment advisor. 

This video solidified the fact that Pokimane is most definitely making a good amount of money with her content creation. If she is able to spend about $200,000 a year on these expenses, it’s apparent that Pokimane is making enough to still have a profit after paying her employees. 

Pokimane makes about $30,000 a month from her subscribers alone, which more than covers her business expenses. And ever since her return, Pokimane has been gaining more and more loyal subscribers who don’t mind paying to watch her play Among Us and chat with her followers.


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