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Pokimane calls questions on personal life “weird and obnoxious”

By Olivia Richman


Nov 21, 2021

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From her weight to the intimate details of her dating and romantic experiences, Twitch sensation Imane “Pokimane” Anys has had her private life in the spotlight for years. Fans are constantly asking Pokimane personal questions and she seems to have finally had enough.

Pokimane is one of the most popular Twitch streamers on the platform with over 8.4 million followers. While she plays video games and is quite good at such titles as Valorant, she spends a lot of time in the Just Chatting category discussing life and current events with her viewers. While this has given her a lot of fame, it has also made viewers especially curious about Pokimane’s life outside of streaming.

Pokimane recently chose to speak up about the constant barrage of questions about her private life after a fan made multiple Twitch accounts in an attempt to keep asking her the same personal questions. One of those questions was why Pokimane doesn’t follow Natsumiii on Twitch, someone that Pokimane has streamed with in the past.

“You’ve made so many accounts just to ask me the most weird and random questions about my friends,” Pokimane responded.

Pokimane calls out viewers who ask personal questions on Twitch

During the recent live stream, Pokimane clearly had enough of her fans grilling her about her private life. The rant was triggered by a viewer who kept asking her about her decision to not follow Natsumiii on Twitch. Pokimane called the question “weird” and “random,” saying she was sick of being asked if she has met a certain person or why she is or isn’t following a certain person.

“‘Go do this! Go do that!’ Stop it,” Pokimane responded. “And your account was made November 9 because I’ve banned you so many times before. It’s weird and obnoxious.”

Pokimane called on her fans to tell viewers who behave this way to stop. She said it felt like the community was attempting to micro-manage her relationships with others, or were psychoanalyzing her behaviors towards people.

She said that fans were “asking so many weird, repetitive, obsessive questions. I live my private life off-stream.”

Pokimane has notoriously been a private person, refusing to answer questions about her dating life over the past few years as fans speculated as to who she was with. Even after notorious YouTuber Leafy called her out for “lying” about having a boyfriend, Pokimane was adamant that her private life was not something to be shared.


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