Pokemon Unite Season 4 battle pass arrives with surprise theme

By Steven Rondina


Dec 20, 2021

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A new Pokemon Unite battle pass has dropped, and while past events were based around holidays such as Halloween and Diwali, the new season goes in a very different direction. 

Pokemon Unite Season 4 is Agent of Disaster, a theme that’s downright silly and a little surprising when contrasted with the ongoing Christmas-themed event. But even more silly than are the two big prizes for the new fourth season.


Players who purchase the Season 4 battle pass will receive a Concert Style Pikachu skin that is seemingly based on Elton John, with a ruffled coat and musical note glasses. Those who raise their battle pass up to level 60 receive a Dark Suit Style Absol skin, which puts the Pokemon into a black tailcoat with a bush hat.

Of course, it’s not only the Pokemon that can get new skins out of the battle pass.

Pokemon Unite season four battle pass adds Dark Suit, Rock sets

As per usual, the bulk of the battle pass for season four is made up of Item Enhancers and Aeos Tickets, some of which are available to players who don’t purchase the battle pass. There’s also the usual mix of cosmetic items for the trainer avatar.

There are two sets in Pokemon Unite’s season four battle pass including the rock and dark suit sets.

The rock set is a fairly straightforward set of skins with an early 2000s emo feel, complete with black and purple patterns, wrist warmers, and distressed jeans. There are technically two sets therein, with the rock festival set and the rock set, with the rock festival set having a joint top and bottom skin.

After hitting level 40, players start earning dark suit set items. This set looks very similar to the Dark Suit Style Absol skin that is obtained at level 60. Though it isn’t a tailcoat, it features the same pinstripe pattern and hat. The hat gives players a unique short and gray haircut that replaces the player’s current hairstyle.

The Pokemon Unite season four battle pass is available now and is set to run for 42 days. The new battle pass costs 490 Aeos Gems, equivalent to $8. 


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