Pokemon Unite season 3 adds new battle pass, removes rewards

By Steven Rondina


Nov 8, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Pokemon Unite season 3 is here, and with it comes a new battle pass.

The space-themed second season is officially over, and a surprising new battle pass is on the way. Though the winter holidays are sneaking up quickly, the new Pokemon Unite battle pass has a summery vibe with the name “Sun, Sun, Sunshine.

The centerpiece to the battle pass is a pair of holowears for first-generation starters. This includes an “Adept Style” Charizard holowear with a jacket and glasses, and a Diwali-inspired “Sunshine Style” Venusaur. The Charizard holowear is available for all players that purchase the battle pass, while the Venusaur skin is the reward for reaching level 60 in Pokemon Unite’s season three battle pass.

Both of these skins were discovered in hidden Pokemon Unite files by data miners. Many of the other skins that were discovered in these hidden files have also been made available through the shop.

Alongside these are multiple outfits for players’ trainer avatars. This includes two “Explorer Sets” including innerwear and outerwear, a Hawaiian shirt look, and a new athletic wear set with what appears to be a lucha mask.

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The Pokemon Unite Sun, Sun, Sunshine Battle Pass will run for 42 days.

Daily rewards gone from Pokemon Unite in season three

While Pokemon Unite wanted to highlight what was new in season three, many players noticed what was missing with the event. Particularly, daily rewards don’t seem to be around anymore.

Pokemon Unite has traditionally given players Aeos Coins and Aeos Tickets for signing in each day, with further rewards for playing and winning games. Both of those were absent after the start of season three. It’s uncertain if this was done in error or if the developers are actually removing most of the rewards from free-to-play players. No news was posted confirming or denying the removal of these rewards.

Pokemon Unite received criticism shortly after its launch for offering massive in-game advantages to players that were willing to pay out significant amounts of cash for Item Enhancers. That advantage has died down over time as players have earned Item Enhancers through other means, but that may change again with this update.

Other rewards have been added, such as the challenges related to ranked matches, but the rewards for completing them don’t add up to what was previously on offer over time.