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Pokemon Unite joins TCG and VGC at World Championship 2022

By Olivia Richman


Jan 12, 2022

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The Pokemon World Championship just got bigger with the addition of Pokemon Unite.

In 2020, competitive Pokemon players and casual fans alike were let down when the Pokemon World Championship in the United Kingdom was postponed due to ongoing global health concerns and travel restrictions. Now, a new season of competitive Pokemon has returned, starting with a Regional Championship in Salt Lake City in March. The goal of each regional event is to rack up points to qualify for the World Championship in August.

Now, the new Pokemon-themed MOBA is joining the action. According to Pokemon Unite producer Masaaki Hoshino, Pokemon Unite will be joining the Pokemon World Championship in 2022, with teams from around the world competing for a spot throughout a “competitive season” leading up to Worlds.

Pokemon Unite coming to Pokemon World Championships in 2022

In an official press release from Hoshino, the Pokemon Unite team celebrated the past few “incredible” months. Not only has Pokemon Unite been a successful, popular title, it has grown a competitive scene thanks to strategies sand playstyles from trainers climbing the ranks. This led to the game being added to the Pokemon World Championships in 2022.

“Players continue to impress us with the surprising talent they’ve shown in mastering new Pokémon and using them in ways we could never anticipate,” Hoshino said.

Due to the competitive season growing, the team has revealed that Pokemon Unite is coming to Worlds. This includes a competitive season where teams from every region will compete for a spot in Worlds. More details will be coming soon.

Pokemon Unite will also see an improved tournament mode that has focuses on better leveling the playing field. Additional languages will also be coming to the MOBA, including Thai, Turkish, Hindi, Russian, and more.


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