Pokemon Unite fans rage over Halloween Festival event rewards

By Steven Rondina


Oct 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Pokemon Unite is having its first seasonal event with the Halloween Festival, but fans are calling foul over the lack of treats being made available.

The Halloween Festival offers players the ability to grab a handful of limited-edition cosmetics for their trainer avatars. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that players will be able to actually obtain all of them.

Players only have the ability to get 96 pumpkins, which serve as the currency for the Halloween Festival event. Players have the option of picking up a variety of trainer cosmetics as well as the license needed to play as the newly released playable Pokemon Greedent. Picking up every reward costs 160 pumpkins.

Even if players put Greedent aside and pick it up later on, they’ll still need to grind hard and ensure they log in every day in order to get the pumpkins needed for the cosmetics. If they can’t? Players might not be able to get them again.

This has Pokemon Unite players feeling frustrated, as there are very few ways to get around this. Making matters worse is the fact that the in-game option for getting extra pumpkins is unlikely to be a net positive for the players.

Are Pokemon Unite Pumpkin Boxes worth it?

Pumpkin Boxes generally aren’t worth the investment of pumpkins that they require.

Pumpkin Boxes can be purchased for two pumpkins apiece and have the chance of giving players more pumpkins than they initially invested. However, the most likely outcome when opening a Pumpkin Box is to receive one pumpkin. The reward probabilities of Pumpkin Boxes are as follows:

  • One pumpkin (63.27%)
  • Two pumpkins (31.64%)
  • Five pumpkins (3.16%)
  • 10 pumpkins (0.32%)
  • 50 pumpkins (0.03%)

Mathematically, this works out to 1.47 pumpkins per Pumpkin Box. While it makes sense that the probable return on a lottery system would be lower than the price of admission, some feel that the odds of any kind of successful return are too low, and the fact that only pumpkins can be awarded means that even a lucky draw doesn’t garner much for players outside of some boosters.

Ultimately, there isn’t much to get from Pokemon Unite’s Halloween Festival. It will be interesting to see how the negative response to the event impacts future seasonal events in the game.


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