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Pokémon Go streamer threatened and harassed for attending Go Fest 2023

By Olivia Richman


Apr 29, 2023

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Pokémon Go has been heavily critiqued by trainers after Niantic limited Remote Raid Passes. The backlash has become so strong that even some Pokémon Go streamers are facing death threats.

The goal of limiting the Remote Raid Passes was to get people to socialize outside like initially intended before the global health crisis. But trainers have lashed out at the change, with over 100,000 players signing a petition that demands Niantic revert the update since it makes it much harder to grind the game.

But Niantic has not responded to the ongoing frustration, most likely too busy focusing on other games they hope to launch in the near future. Meanwhile, trainers have started to grow increasingly angry at the situation, even attacking Pokémon Go streamers.

Pokémon Go streamer reports death threats from community

Daniel “FleeceKing” is a popular Twitch streamer from Australia who is known as the first person to reach level 50. Their dedication to Go has amassed over 57,000 followers on Twitch, where he is a full-time streamer. But the enraged community has recently started lashing out at him, causing him to take a break.

On Twitter, FleeceKing revealed that he had been receiving death threats, with people “encouraging him to suicide” and “mocking his life.” According to FleeceKing, this happened after he told his viewers that he was going to buy a ticket to an in-person Go Fest.

“This has gone way too far now, and I’m very hurt,” he wrote. “These DMs and comments are extremely hurtful, and I need a break.”

The harsh and inappropriate DMs include people telling him that he’s “pathetic” and that he is an “addict” who plays Pokémon all day long until he sleeps. They told him to “get a real job” and mocked his streams. Others accused him of supporting Niantic and “funding his own demise.”

The response to FleeceKing’s shocking DMs has been largely that of support from the Pokémon community. One fan said that he will continue to support the #HearUs Niantic movement and won’t be paying Niantic anything until the Remote Raid Pass issue is addressed, but that the treatment of Fleece is “abhorrent” and that everyone in the community should be treated with “respect and kindness.”

Others said that people could be mad at Niantic all they want but leave “real people” alone. The “typical bullies” in FleeceKing’s DMs were condemned by most people in the community, who told Fleece he shouldn’t take the online words seriously and should keep doing what he loves. While the threats and insults hurt, fans wanted him to keep holding his head up.

Despite the clear frustration of the Pokémon Go community, Niantic has continued to stay silent over the Battle Raid Pass drama and many of the other frustrating issues and bugs within the mobile game.


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