Players look for new ways to get free CS:GO skins

Albert Sheng • October 21, 08:03

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are always looking for new ways to acquire weapon skins, the most valued commodity in the game.

The oldest way to get free CSGO skins is to simply play the game. Playing games of CSGO and leveling up one’s account produces drops of both weapon skins and loot boxes. These boxes need to be opened with associated keys in order to grab the loot inside, which can include stickers and much-desired skins.

But grinding dozens of games in search of a few choice skins can be tough, and there’s no guarantee that players will ever get the skins they’re looking for. That’s where the game’s trade market comes in, offering players the opportunity to exchange skins and real-world cash with each other in order to find exactly what they’re looking for.

With there being so much demand for skins, it’s no surprise that services have popped up that are entirely dedicated to helping players to acquire more free CSGO skins.

Freeskins is one such example. The platform allows its users to complete a broad variety of tasks in order to earn its “coins” currency. This currency can be cashed out in multiple ways, including through bitcoin. But the most popular method is through the acquisition of new skins, so long as the user has accrued and is cashing out at least 1000 coins, the equivalent of one dollar. Those coins don’t carry with them any additional fees when being converted, and they can be traded immediately.

Freeskins does make its offering more attractive than the typical grind, from offering instant cashouts to live support. Users who want to go hard can even climb a leaderboard in order to earn bonuses of $10, or $100 per month. And it’s pretty easy to learn more about the service, with a video tutorial available on the website.

It’s not hard to see why many players have chosen to go outside of the game in order to expand their inventory of skins, especially when some websites are making it so much easier to get free skins than traditional methods in-game.

When the game itself can make the grind so difficult and outside platforms are making it so much easier, the decision may seem clear.


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