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Players are not happy with XDefiant Season 1, here’s why

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 3, 2024

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Players have long been badgering the developer to finally release XDefiant Season 1. But now that is finally out, the community isn’t particularly impressed.

On June 2, Ubisoft announced Season 1 for XDefiant, which introduces a new faction called GSK, a ranked mode, and new weapons, alongside some other gameplay changes. However, the game is still riddled with issues, which has led to negative reviews from fans.

Since the release, players have complained about lag, poor hit registration, jump spam issues, and the infamous Spiderbot Gigabuff.

What’s wrong with XDefiant Season 1?

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According to the players, the Season 1 buff to DedSec’s Spiderbot feels unfair since it has close to no counter.

In Season 1, Ubisoft announced a major buff for Spiderbot, which can no longer be destroyed once it’s off the ground. This means the ability to stun you, no matter what. Unless you have Spidey senses and spot it on the ground to shoot it before it takes off. This has made the game “unplayable,” according to the fanbase.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Players are also complaining about the jump spam issue, which was supposed to be nerfed in Season 1. In XDefiant, players had been exploiting jump movement, which didn’t necessarily effect aim placement. The developer warranted that an aim penalty would be added with Season 1, but it’s barely notable. This means players are still spamming jump in ranked mode.

Lastly, some players are reporting poor hit registration due to net code.

“Every single gunfight feels like the enemy is 4 seconds in the future and I’m constantly disadvantaged. My bullets literally do not register for shit,” a Redditor said.

According to some players, the issue is likely due to XDefiant’s server space, which is failing to accommodate an influx of players. But it’s just speculation. Multiple other players with stable ping complained of the same, whereas those on PlayStation say that their FPS has taken a big hit.

XDefiant developers are generally quick to identify such issues so players should expect a response and fix soon.


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