Players are knifing enemies through objects in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 30, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Wall bangs are cool but not when you get stabbed through a metal door.

Shooting through fragile walls is a pretty common tactic in first-person shooter games. Some weapons are powerful enough to hit an enemy through the wall but this surefire tactic has become ridiculous in Valorant. A player has found a potential bug that allows you to stab through the doors on Ascent. 

Valorant players frustrated with thin walls

Many players have criticized Valorant for its paper walls that lessen the impact of wall bangs. Most of the walls in Valorant are easily bangable through heavy-duty weapons like Odin and Vandal, which became a menace for old-time players. The fragile structure has now become a consistent part of the game but a new discovery has enraged the players once again. 

A Reddit user named Hbb64 shared a clip in which they were able to knife enemy Reyna through Ascent’s automatic door on point A. Attacker Reyna watched the doors from a close angle to cover the planter ally when Defender Reyna started spamming the blade through the metal. After a few swishes, the killboard showed a death through a knife while the door remained in one piece. 

While the player purposely swished the knife, it was unlikely that a kill was expected as they seemed surprised as well, probably because it’s ridiculous to kill an enemy with a knife through a solid object that didn’t take a hit. Another player with a proper weapon destroyed the wall that had reached red light after multiple blows.

After the clip became public, many players called it an absurd bug that needs to be fixed. While it’s unclear whether this is a glitch or a feature, players want it gone either way. Killing through objects makes sense but knifing through walls is an unnatural mechanic that shouldn’t be a part of an advanced FPS like Valorant, players believe. 

How to wall bangs in Valorant

Most of the walls in Valorant are easily bangable with the right weapons.

While metal objects may not let bullets into the surface, cement walls are fragile enough to get you a kill against half-armored enemies. You can ensure easy kills using impactful yet less accurate spam weapons like Odin, Ares, and more.

You can also try going to custom maps and find the bangable surfaces by analyzing the size of cracks when you shoot. This information would come in handy on all maps. 


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