Pikmin 4 co op

Pikmin 4 confirmed to have couch co-op in new screenshots

By Olivia Richman


Jun 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Pikmin 4 is finally coming after years of anticipation, and Nintendo fans are starting to get some interesting information about gameplay.

Pikmin 4 is getting released on July 21, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch and will bring interesting new gameplay and Pikmin to the beloved franchise. We are starting to learn more about the story, and now it’s been confirmed that the game will have split-screen multiplayer.

Is Pikmin 4 co-op?

The game’s official download card is popping up in shops across Japan, and these cards have revealed a lot of interesting insight into the game. It’s now been confirmed that split-screen multiplayer is going to be a big part of Pikmin 4, thanks to Unreal Engine 4.

What we know about co-op is that a second player will be able to join your game and provide you with some support. This includes shooting enemies.

Pikmin 4 is going to be a very fun multiplayer opportunity for friends and families who want to play something together while hanging out in the same room.

What else did we learn from the Pikmin 4 download card?

The Pikmin 4 download card included a lot of other interesting information. Screenshots of the game include entering a home and also the introduction of treasures like fidget spinners, beach balls, and origami.

Fans are especially excited about going into a home, which was not part of any previous Pikmin game. This alone has blown a lot of people’s minds.

Pikmin 4 will also have a new controllable character called Oatchi, a dog-like animal that can break through barriers and collect machine parts. You can even ride on Oatchi, bringing some Pikmin along with you. There are also going to be new enemies to be aware of, including long-legged creatures.


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