Phoenix1 organization accused of not paying Valorant roster

Olivia Richman • February 17, 2021 6:48 pm

The revival of the Phoenix1 brand is not going particularly well at this point.

Former player Aiden King is accusing the organization of not paying its Valorant team. Every player on the Phoenix1 roster was dropped in January. While the squad did tease that they might be signed to another organization, it was never made clear why they were all let go from Phoenix1. Now, a month later, King has decided to discuss what really happened while playing for Phoenix1. 

Sentinels’ Phoenix1 accused of not paying Valorant players

In a statement made on Twitter, King said he was never actually under contract with Phoenix1 and was playing on an un-contracted trial basis from January 9 to 30, when the roster left the organization. King stated that there had been no written contract signed by either side and it’s unclear how much he should have received but he is expecting to receive at least a portion of the money he helped the team win.

According to King, the team had two successful tournament placements together. The organization was allegedly assessing his value during that time to come up with a contract. But before the trial period concluded, King decided to leave “to pursue better opportunities.”

But during his time with Phoenix1, King earned $1,300 from the two tournaments. King claims the organization requested the winnings from tournament organizers in order to then distribute the money to the players, but that cash is yet to arrive. 

“After a few attempts at messaging a few members of the organization about my situation, it seems no conclusion is being reached and I am still without my money as of now,” King said. 

Phoenix1 has yet to make a statement on the situation. 

The original Phoenix1 organization was known for its League of Legends team, and rebranded to Sentinels in 2017. The current Phoenix1 organization is separate from this one, and it is unclear whether it is affiliated with Sentinels in any way.


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