Path of Champions PvE mode for Legend of Runeterra arrives

By Nicholas James


Nov 11, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games’ digital collectible card game, Legends of Runeterra, is jumping on the hype train for Riot’s hit animated series Arcane.

The card game set in League of Legends’ world has received praise from fans for its expansion of the world’s lore and storytelling, with a bevy of card interactions and trivia about its champions included. The latest event to hit the live servers has been more of exactly that, with the Path of Champions PvE event letting fans supercharge their cards as they brawl their way through Runeterra.

Alongside the game mode, Path of Champions will include an extensive Event Pass that enables players to gather Hextech marbles, which they can spend on a variety of rewards. Two separate quest chains will be made available for players, the first at level one and the second at level 13. Each of these is 10 quests long, and completing one will unlock the next quest in line.

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How long does the Path of Champions event run?

Legends of Runeterra’s event isn’t keeping its focus solely on Piltover and Zaun, instead extending all the way to Ionia and Bilgewater for the story of the event. Players will fight their way through iconic League of Legends characters and upgrade their deck’s cards with items and unique effects that will help them pull off some wacky combos. The event hit live servers with Patch 2.19.0 and will continue to run through December 8.

The PvE event is story-focused and presents players with options to take the story in new directions, as well as receive different upgrades depending on their choices. The Event Pass will have free and premium options, as is typical for Legends of Runeterra. The Premium Event Pass will cost 975 Coins. Players who purchase it before November 23 will also gain a unique quest that provides additional rewards.