Valorant patch 3.12

Patch 3.12 brings agent profiles, team damage penalties to Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 7, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant patch 3.12 is finally here, and it brings exciting changes for versatile players who like to swap agents. 

Riot Games has finally rolled out a brand new patch, tackling the toxicity issues and adding a brand new feature for versatile players. The latest update is expected to improve game quality and rank experience in Valorant significantly. 

Valorant has 17 agents, each of them having distinct powers that players must master to be a valuable part of the team. However, remembering each agent’s abilities can be challenging as the count goes up. Players have long been requesting an agent profile feature to help them be faster and more efficient in Valorant. 

Riot Games has addressed these player concerns in the latest updates. Along with this feature, the developer has decided to punish those who grief in-game with damage-rendering abilities. Allies cannot damage each other in Valorant with any of the guns or most projectile weapons. Instead, some damaging abilities meant to be used for zone control can injure both allies and enemies.

Trolls often abuse the toolkits to grief in Valorant, but this will change. Purposely injuring teammates with Viper, Brimstone, Pheonix molotov, and other similar abilities will result in severe punishment after patch 3.12. This will likely reduce the number of trolls in ranked games. 

Here are other updates in Valorant patch 3.12 

  • You can now report disruptive players during the pregame. Just hover over the name and click REPORT
  • Fixed a bug that caused abilities that consist of a held object to display incorrectly in the third person 
  • Wide player cards are back to the loading screens and kill banners
  • You can now add players to your friends’ list if you have a positive experience.

How to set agent keybinds in Valorant

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In patch 3.12, Riot Games has introduced an agent profile feature that will help you switch characters without having to worry about keybinds. Here is how players can create new profiles: 

  • To get started, go to settings > controls > actions
  • Add ability to create, delete, and search for keybind profiles for each agent. You cannot create more than one profile per agent
  • Add the ability to copy your default keybindings to a single profile or all profiles at once
  • When your keybinds conflict, you can see what other items the binding is assigned to
  • You can revert individual changes made to bindings in each keybind profile