Patch 2.02 brings new music to every map in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 3, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has adopted a new artistic way to add some additional polish to Valorant, as each map will now welcome players with a soothing tune following the patch 2.02 update

Regular patches have ensured that Riot’s tactical shooter remains relatively free of bugs and glitches, but improvements in quality of life have played a key role in keeping the players hooked. Realistic characters, coupled with pleasant scenery, indicate that much of Valorant’s meteoric rise could be attributed to the game’s artistic value. With the addition of unique musical jingles on each map, Riot Games seems to zero in on the same approach. 

After patch 2.02, players could listen to soft introductory music in the background during each map’s buy phase. It was somewhat surprising for players since no one had anticipated the update. The music has been added to enhance the experience on each map. 

Every maps in Valorant differs from the rest, and Riot Games’ addition of music will likely add further to each map’s character. Ascent, Bind, Haven, Icebox, and Split each get their own jingle, which plays in the match’s first round.

Each of the five maps features an individual score, reflecting the vitality and mood of its location. For example, the mystic music of Bind is in contrast to Icebox’s more serene score. To clearly listen to the starting score, players may want to turn up their in-game volumes as the sound is very faint. 

Valorant maps will have unique music

The game thrives tactically, as the developer has kept a close eye on its technical flaws. However, the recent addition of elaborate voice lines and soulful music speaks volumes about the developer’s approach to Valorant.

Music and video games have a strong relationship, and that isn’t anything new. However, musical incorporation is still a rare sight in the competitive first-person shooter genre, and Valorant has contributed a lot in breaking that monotony. Valorant WWFEST is a prominent example of Riot Games’ investment in artistic aspects of the game, which further affirmed the developer’s plans to develop on games’ sentimental value by utilizing melodies and agent backstories. 

The score addition was overshadowed by some significant bug fixes and competitive shifts that came in patch 2.02. The latest patch focuses on ridding the game of smurfers by easing the process of ranking up. The developer also responds to run-and-gun meta crisis, as it nerfs the running accuracy. Bugged agent abilities also received some major fixes in patch 2.02.


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