Patch 12.1 preview shows Gangplank buffs, teleport changes

By Nicholas James


Jan 4, 2022

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The first League of Legends patch of 2022 is coming down the line, and the patch preview is pointing to Gangplank buffs as one of the key features. Patch 12.1 will arrive later today.

Patch 12.1 will also bring changes to the Teleport spell that have been controversial among fans. The new version of Teleport has limited uses before 14 minutes when turret plates fall off. These changes will precede the beginning of League of Legends’ 12th ranked season.

Gangplank buffs make plundering LP easier

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Gangplank and Diana are the only buffs on patch 12.1, with each of them having some troubles keeping up with preseason evolutions. Diana’s change to functioning as a jungler means Riot is leaning more into that style of play, giving more damage to monsters and an increased AP ratio. Gangplank mains can go back to spamming their Parrrley more easily, with the mana cost going down by 5 at all ranks and half a second off of its cooldown.

Each of these is a small tweak that will help the champions function more smoothly in their intended roles. Gangplank will be able to harass and farm more easily in the laning phase, while Diana’s clear with be easier at any point in the game. The patch also brings nerfs to Rek’Sai and Sona, as well as some items that have been overperforming like Immortal Shieldbow.

Teleport changes in 12.1 patch preview

Teleport is being changed to be less effective ahead of 14 minutes, which will restrict the flexibility of both cross-map and in-game plays from players taking the spell. This means fewer opportunities to use teleport as a tool for snowballing other lanes, as well as the death of the much-maligned pattern of top laners who give up first blood teleporting back into lane via the minion wave to punish the opponent.

Overall, this will reduce power of the Teleport spell at the cost of the player agency of teleport in the early game. It has yet to be seen how this will warp the meta of top and mid lane, the lanes with the most common Teleport usage.


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