Patch 11.24 nerfs Camille and Chemtech Drake, buffs Caitlyn

By Nicholas James


Dec 7, 2021

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Patch 11.24 is dropping tomorrow and Riot Games has released the full patch notes for the latest changes coming to League of Legends’ offseason. The new patch sees Camille nerfed alongside a long list of items and the much-maligned Chemtech Drake. Many champions have gotten buffs added since the patch preview, with Caitlyn, Kayle, Samira, Twitch, and Urgot all profiting from the final patch notes.

Camille, Chemtech Drake, Preseason items see nerfs

Riot’s immediate corrections after the preseason changes seem to be heavily focused on mechanics and options introduced by patch 11.24. New and reworked items get nerfs with Axiom Arc, Frostfire Gauntlet, Evenshroud, Cosmic Drive, and Crown of the Shattered Queen all getting a power tap downwards. Chemtech Drake’s soul is getting a nerf, but nothing has changed about the controversial stealth zones caused by the Chemtech Drake’s effect on Summoner’s Rift.

The only other straight nerf is to the Predator rune, with the rune becoming increasingly popular as a way to force early influence and guarantee playmaking into the midgame.

Ivern buffs fix broken experience on patch 11.24

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Ivern has long had an issue with the Krugs jungle camp not calculating the smaller Krugs as part of the experience granted for claiming the camp. Now Krugs will award 95 gold instead of 27, a massive increase, as well as 85 experience instead of 39.

Kayle’s ascended waves from her passive now increase in size with bonus attack range, rewarding Kayle for level 16, Rapid Firecannon, and the new Lethal Tempo. Caitlyn, Twitch, Urgot, and Samira all also get some quality of life buffs to better enable them as carries.

Kled had a few adjustments, most notably changing how his mount Skaarl’s health is calculated. Instead of the portion of Kled’s health bar that represents Skaarl being immediately calculated as bonus health, now only items purchased and effects from runes will count. This prevents Kled from abusing bonus health-reliant effects like Warmogs and others. Glacial Augment sees a readjustment to be less enticing for tanks, and Lethal Tempo is becoming less useful for melee champions.

Patch 11.24 is a relatively tame balance update looking to stabilize outliers from the wild ride that is preseason.


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