P1noy joins G2 as substitute ADC for the 2020 LEC Spring Split

By Marta Juras


Jan 17, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Kristoffer “P1noy” Pedersen has joined G2 Esports as a substitute bot laner for the 2020 LEC Spring Split.

The strongest European League of Legends team and the 2019 World Championship runner-up G2 is strengthening its roster for the upcoming season with the addition of P1noy, a veteran bot laner that hasn’t been competing on the main stage of the European league since 2015 and has spent the latest season competing for ROG Esport in the 2019 LFL Summer Season.

P1noy returns to the LEC after five years

P1noy will serve as a substitute to Ramus “Caps” Winther, who has recently decided to switch his mid lane role with bot lane, placing Luka “PerkZ” Perković back in mid. While both of these players have their fair share of success, P1noy’s competitive history isn’t so achieving.

As a member of Gambit Gaming, he competed in the 2015 EU LCS, before which he was finding his way through the challenger series for two years. The team finished the regular season in eighth place and faced delegation, and P1noy hasn’t returned to the regional stage since. He didn’t give up the competition, and has spent the last five years playing in smaller national leagues including Danish, Russian, and French leagues.

Regardless of the less successful competitive history in comparison to his new teammates in G2, P1noy has shown to be a skilled player in the past.

G2 opens more bot lane options for the 2020 LEC Spring

With role switches, G2 has proven to be a flexible team, but it’s not often that substitute players get to perform on the main stage. The team is possibly looking to strengthen the roster by experimenting, but the more likely scenario is that bot lane will entirely belong to Caps this season, with Caps and Perkz switching play in the lane being a greater possibility than P1noy playing on the main roster.

However, P1noy will be under G2’s coaching this season and in their training, as well as participating in scrims with other teams, which could potentially make him a more valid candidate for the main roster in a LEC team in the near future.