OWL analyst MonteCristo advocates for role locks in Overwatch

Morten Marstal • March 26, 21:49

Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles is the latest to advocate for a two DPS, two tank, and two support role lock in competitive Overwatch.

In a video, MonteCristo explained how and why he came to the conclusion that a 2/2/2 role lock would be beneficial to competitive Overwatch, for both professional players and for everyday players. He starts by comparing the role lock to similar adaptations made in League of Legends as a result of the emergence of jungle and support roles.

The Overwatch League analyst also offered that fixed rules could extend the careers of pro players by allowing them to focus on fundamental skills that would remain applicable throughout their time playing the game.

“The creation of dedicated roles makes sure that pro players have a longer career than if they have to flex two roles that they’re maybe not so comfortable on … they can refine that skill set over the years and really make sure that they have a longer career because the meta doesn’t shift wildly between what they are expected to do or not do,” MonteCristo said.

The first concern that comes to mind for many players is that a role lock could stifle variation. MonteCristo explains that if there is a role lock, teams will actually have to shift their compositions more often in an attempt to counter each other.

A role lock has always been a popular suggestion but never gained such serious momentum until the emergence of the GOATS meta. This composition is centered around Brigitte and her passive ability, Inspire, which passively heals allies whenever Brigitte deals damage to opponents with her flail.

While this works very well in a triple support meta, it doesn’t work when teams are limited to two healers because of the limit to Brigitte’s healing output.

In amateur and casual play, MonteCristo offers that the player experience can improve with a role lock. Not only will it give the player a reliable sense of what they can expect in each game played, it also avoids the consistent problem of players having to fight for the roles they are most comfortable in.

When players are able to play the role that best suits them, MonteCristo speculates that less toxicity and flaming will occur as players are able to perform to their fullest potential in the role they desire.

While no decision has yet been hinted at by Blizzard, more and more fans are starting to agree with MonteCristo.


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