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Overwatch Storm Rising reveals which sports team Tracer supports

By Rebekah Drake


Apr 26, 2019

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Overwatch hero Tracer’s favorite soccer team has been revealed by the game’s lead writer, Michael Chu.

The information was revealed after a fan questioned Chu on Twitter, prompted by hints in the game’s latest seasonal event.

That latest Archives PvE event, titled Storm Rising, is currently live and offers players the chance to experience historical events in the Overwatch timeline. As well as seeing a new map and new characters, players can also find out more about existing heroes with their newly recorded voice lines released for the event.

One such voice line, spoken by British character Tracer, suggested that she’s a soccer fan. If Tracer is selected by the player, there’s a chance to hear the popular soccer chant “E fell ova! E fell ova!” often used in the United Kingdom when players are accused by fans of dramatically overacting in attempting to persuade referees to call a foul.

Curious as to which soccer team she might support, a Twitter user reached out to Overwatch’s master of lore, Michael Chu. Interestingly, the writer replied, stating “The only color is blue.”

While this response might seem cryptic to some, fans of the UK’s top sporting competition, the Premier League, will know exactly which team this represents. London-based team Chelsea Football Club are colloquially known as the Blues, showing exactly where Tracer’s support lies.

Whether this fact will remain a small piece of character development or if it will be used as inspiration for a future skin is unclear. If Tracer does receive a themed skin to show off her team loyalties or general love of soccer, it’s most likely to happen during the summer games event later in the year.

The Summer Games events traditionally offer sports-themed skins for heroes, and have previously included the soccer-based game “Lúcioball”. The seasonal event usually starts in the first week of August, so fans may have to wait until then to see if Tracer gets a new skin in honor of her revealed fandom.


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