Overwatch patch 1.42 buffs Baptiste, Torbjorn, brings map changes

Rebekah Drake • November 6, 22:00

A new Overwatch patch has been released by developer Blizzard for the retail version of the game and is now available on all platforms. 

Patch 1.42 introduces some buffs for heroes Torbjorn and Baptiste, along with a series of changes for future competitive matches. 

Baptiste and Torbjorn buffs in latest patch

Baptiste has had three separate updates to his Biotic Launcher weapon, each of them slight buffs to increase his overall damage output and his ability to defend himself. First, the recovery time between his bursts of fire has been reduced by 0.09 seconds, from 0.45 to 0.36. The random spread of the burst fire has also been removed, making it slightly more reliable.

Baptiste’s damage falloff range has been increased, allowing him to be standing farther away from his target before his weapon strength drops. This has been increased by 25%, as he can now shoot from 25m at maximum damage instead of 20.

Torbjorn is the second hero to receive updates for patch 1.42, which is also a buff. The damage hero will now be able to use his ultimate ability Molten Core more frequently, as the cost has now been dropped by 10%. 

Patch 1.42 brings general gameplay updates

The majority of the changes for this patch were not related directly to hero changes, instead focusing on altering how the competitive game mode works. For all future seasons, only 12 maps will be playable during each seasonal rotation, with the remaining nine only being available in quick play modes. According to the developers, this is to give each season a more unique feel. It may also provide an opportunity to slightly retool maps that are out of the rotation.

Players will be able to see which maps are available at any time by clicking on the “more info” button on the competitive game card in-game. For the next season, the following maps will be in rotation:

  • Assault – Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya Industries
  • Hybrid – Hollywood, King’s Row, Eichenwald
  • Control –  Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Busan
  • Escort –  Dorado, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Havana

With the latest update having gone live before the start of Season 19 of Competitive mode, the next season will implement these new changes. Each season will also now start on the first Thursday of every other month. With patches usually being installed on a Tuesday, it allows for two days before the next season to start for developers to respond to any bugs. With this, Season 19 begins on November 7 at 18:00 UTC.


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