Overwatch League trading cards are now available for collecting

By Olivia Richman


Jun 21, 2019

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Fans who attended the Overwatch League All-Star game in May were also treated to a pack of OWL trading cards ahead of their June 19 release. And now every fan can also get their hands on the digital and physical cards through Upper Deck. 

Two collections of trading cards were launched yesterday. The “2017-18 Overwatch League Inaugural Set,” which can be collected and traded in physical form, and the “2019 Promo Set,” which features the current season on digital cards. 

Each card pictures the player’s photo along with their name, hometown, and team. There’s also a short description of the competitor and an image of their main hero in the background rocking the team colors. Like traditional baseball cards, the Overwatch League cards also feature statistics, including player eliminations and damage. 

“We have a very diversified portfolio for trading cards and do a lot more than just sports cards. Upper Deck produces comic and movie-based trading card products and games for entertainment, so our designers can easily adapt to the subjects they are working on. There was a small learning curve, but they enjoyed the challenge and put together a great product,” Upper Deck’s brand manager Travis Rhea said on the company’s blog

The digital card packs start at $3.99. If Overwatch League fans want certain cards sent to them as a physical copy, Upper Deck will do so for an additional fee. 

The Inaugural Season packs also include rare and valuable cards, including 2018 All-Star game holographic player cards, autographs, and cards that include pieces of player-worn jerseys. 

Fans can also subscribe to the Overwatch League email list to redeem a free pack of the 2019 Promo Set cards. They must also register on the Upper Deck website, and will receive one extra promo card every day they log in through July 8. 

Upper Deck officials cited an approach similar to traditional sports as a big reason for why they were interested in working with the Overwatch League.

“I think what really impressed us about the Overwatch League is just how professionally they are run. Many of their executives have experience from professional sports leagues and they’re bringing over and implementing strategies for success here,” Rhea said.

Before the launch, Rhea and other Upper Deck representatives spent time at Blizzard headquarters to better familiarize themselves with the team and the game. 

“It was clear to see their passion for Overwatch. We are very excited for what the future holds with this agreement!” Rhea said. 


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