Overwatch League pro reveals insane movement trick on Ana

By Olivia Richman


Jan 23, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Most of the Overwatch League highlight reels show a compilation of DPS players getting headshots. Or maybe tank players making game-changing plays with their ultimates. But now it’s time to give some of the spotlight to support heroes. 

Boston Uprising’s Sang-min “Myunb0ng” Seo has been getting a lot of attention from the Overwatch community for some innovative movement techniques nobody has ever seen before. 

It’s no secret that support heroes are often seen as a little vulnerable against dive compositions. D.Va and Winston can get easy eliminations by charging the team’s backlines, taking out squishy support heroes with ease. Tracer can pop up out of nowhere and empty her SMGs into an Ana or Zenyatta’s back before the player can react. 

But Myunb0ng decided to use an enemy’s dive composition to his own advantage. 

In the footage, Myunb0ng can be seen defending from the high ground as Ana. He is able to shoot enemies and heal teammates from afar, making him safe from the action below. But then the enemy Winston decides to dive, going straight for the kill on Ana without much warning. 

Usually, supports would see the incoming Winston and try to rush out of range, but Myunb0ng surprised viewers by walking directly where he believed Winston would land. He then had Ana jump just before Winston landed on the high ground.

This fast-thinking reaction had Overwatch fans stunned. Instead of being eliminated, Myunb0ng was propelled to a different area of the map. Unphased, Myunb0ng continued to heal his teammates from his new location. It was all part of the plan for this experienced support player. 

When Winston jumps at another hero, the player can move away from the predicted landing spot so that they are knocked back and out of the way of Winston’s short-range Tesla Cannon. The closer the hero is to the Winston’s landing spot, the less knockback there is. So Myunb0ng had to pick his spot carefully to calculate how he would get to the other side of the high ground area safely. 

This insane movement trick and Myunb0ng’s fast and critical thinking saved his life the lives of his teammates below. 

Is Overwatch League dead? 

It’s long been said that Overwatch and its pro scene is dead. Overwatch League saw a viewership drop in 2020. The concern stems from the possible inability to have in-person tournaments in 2021, limiting tournament options and taking away from the feel of home teams based in specific locations. For now, Blizzard has stated that OWL will begin again in spring of 2021

How much do Overwatch League players make? 

Overwatch pros are offered a minimum salary of $50,000 to play on a team in the Overwatch League. They also receive health insurance and housing during the competition. That’s not including any prize money they earn. Despite the decent paycheck, many OWL pros have retired throughout the past two years due to stress and frustration with the busy playing schedule. 


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