Overwatch League analyst Sideshow trashes Houston Outlaws

By Olivia Richman


Mar 16, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

The Overwatch League never has a shortage of drama.

Analyst Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson started his own drama with the Houston Outlaws, calling the team “straight garbo.”

On March 9, Sideshow made the pregame prediction that the Los Angeles Valiant would get its first win of the season against the Houston Outlaws. When the Outlaws ended up winning, the team took to Twitter to make a highlight reel of the most clutch moments in the series. The video also included Sideshow’s wrong prediction.

Sideshow immediately responded to the tweet live on stream.

“Houston should actually be thanking their gods that they won that game. The fucking balls of that team to talk trash on me for thinking the Valiant were going to win is unreal,” Sideshow said.

Many OWL fans seemed to echo this sentiment online, noting that the Outlaws had just barely managed to scrape by in the match. Others felt it wasn’t too impressive to beat Valiant, who are currently sitting at 0-7, the lowest standing in the league.

Sideshow added that it’d be a “fucking joke” if the Houston Outlaws made the playoffs.

While the Outlaws did not end up in the playoffs, they are currently at an average 3-3 record, putting them at 11th out of 20 teams. They’re clearly not one of the stronger teams this season, but to call them “straight garbo” felt harsh to many of the team’s fans.

A day later, Sideshow took to Twitch once again to inform viewers that he was not actually angry, but rather was “playing up the persona of it.”

“I really like the callouts and stuff,” he said. “I think they’re fun. I was trying to be over-the-top and hyperbolic when I was replying to them.”

Sideshow added that the clip from his stream was taken out of context on Reddit.

The Houston Outlaws shared the clip on Twitter, where they joked about Sideshow ruining the banter by “revealing secrets.”


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