Overwatch 2 Junkrat buff

Here’s how Junkrat will get buffed in next Overwatch 2 beta

By Olivia Richman


Jun 2, 2022

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While most of the Overwatch community was focused on how underwhelming many supports felt in the Overwatch 2 PvP beta, Junkrat also didn’t seem to fit the meta. Now developers have revealed that a Junkrat buff is in the works.

Overwatch 2 has an all-new meta thanks to the 5v5 team compositions. Every team only has one tank now instead of a main and off-tank. This has created a much more aggressive playstyle, with developers hoping to reduce crowd control abilities. This included a big rework to Junkrat’s Trap.

In the original Overwatch 2 beta, Junkrat’s trap no longer prevented heroes from moving like it did in Overwatch 1. Instead, it would simply slow them down. While the reasoning behind the change made sense in theory, it still didn’t seem to translate well in gameplay. Now, Overwatch devs are looking to revert Junkrat’s Trap ability to its original glory.

Junkrat to get major buff to Trap in next Overwatch 2 beta

Blizzard has confirmed a second Overwatch 2 beta. This is when the Overwatch community will get to see the Junkrat buffs, according to developers.

During an interview with prominent Overwatch content creators, lead hero designer Geoff Goodman revealed that big changes were coming to Junkrat. This included getting his “full” ability back.

Goodman explained that Trap was already pretty fair compared to other crowd control abilities, which is why the team felt they could revert it in the current Overwatch 2 meta. Unlike other crowd control abilities, players can spot the trap and destroy it. When trapped, players can still shoot and “do some of your abilities to escape.”

More information on the next Overwatch 2 PvP beta will be revealed on June 16. Overwatch fans will hopefully hear about more hero updates in store for the beta as well as a launch date. Fans are also wondering how to get access to the Overwatch 2 PvP beta, especially if they are on console.


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