Overwatch 2021 Summer Games dates, skins revealed by Blizzard

By Steven Rondina


Jul 19, 2021

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It is once again the season of Lucio Ball in Overwatch.

The Overwatch Summer Games event is returning in 2021, with Blizzard confirming the release date for the event and revealing some of the new skins that are set to arrive in the game. The reveal was made on Twitter.

The 2021 Overwatch Summer Games event runs from July 20 to August 10.

Blizzard showed off three skins for Mei, Ashe, and Symmetra that will be available during the event. 

Mei’s skin is something of a follow-up to the Honeydew skin from 2020, putting her in an outfit styled after a waitress from a 1950s diner. Ashe is wearing swimwear with her cowboy hat replaced by a straw hat, while sidekick B.O.B. wears a Hawaiian shirt and inflatable crown. 

Symmetra’s skin is the one Blizzard chose to highlight the most, and that’s certainly understandable. The Mermaid skin has a distinct look that’s quite different from anything else that’s available for the hero, and was welcomed by fans of the hero that have felt neglected by Blizzard when it comes to cosmetics.

Precedent suggests that the 2021 Overwatch Summer Games will have plenty more skins to go along with these three. The 2021 Lunar New Year event added eight skins to the game and this will likely have a similar offering.

Lucioball likely returning for 2021, but will there be a twist?

Overwatch fans have been venting their frustration with Blizzard’s refusal to update their annual events for years now, but they got thrown a bone in 2020 with the Summer Games. Alongside the normal Lucioball offering was Lucioball Remix. Lucioball Remix had multiple balls in play, with even more balls being dropped during the game that offered bonus points.

It is unclear at this time whether Lucioball Remix will return, or whether a different version of Lucioball Remix might be introduced. Fans won’t have to wait long though, as the 2021 Overwatch Summer Games will begin in just a few days.


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