Only 8 Worlds 2020 Pick’em players had perfect scores

By Olivia Richman


Oct 31, 2020

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Part of the fun of the League of Legends World Championship is predicting the matches. 

After DAMWON defeated Suning in the finals to become the champions, eight Pick’em participants had perfect scores at the end of thee event. That means all eight of those viewers predicted the end result of all four main event groups and notched perfect brackets during the knockout stage. 

Those eight viewers will receive an Alienware Battlestation PCs, used by professional League of Legends players during the matches on stage. 

Pick Em predictions

Before the final match, there were 12 viewers left with perfect predictions. That means four incorrectly predicted that Suning would take down DAMWON and take the Summoner’s Cup. Despite surprising people with their competitive wins throughout Worlds, most League of Legends insiders and experts figured DAMWON would easily defeat the Chinese team. While Suning put up more of a fight than expected, DAMWON still came out on top without much trouble. 

It’s pretty surprising to only see eight viewers come out victorious when more than 3,000 people predicted the group stages correctly. Still, that was only 0.095% of the League of Legends fans who participated in Pick’em. The knockout stage saw even more drop out of contention, likely thanks to Suning’s massive upset victories over JD Gaming and Top Esports.

With 3.2 million Pick’em participants, only 0.00025% predicted the entire tournament correctly. 

While that sounds small, it’s a much better turnout than Worlds 2019 event. Last year, only one fan predicted the entirety of the 2019 World Championship. They won all five Ultimate skins. 


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