Only 3,050 viewers perfect in Worlds 2020 group stage Pick’Ems

By Olivia Richman


Oct 11, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

It’s safe to say that the 2020 League of Legends World Championship hasn’t gone as expected so far. 

At the end of group stage, only 3,050 viewers who participated in the Pick’em accurately predicted the final standings of the 16 teams. With 3.2 million Pick’em participants, that’s only 0.095% of League of Legends fans who made accurate predictions. 

This year’s Pick’em participants probably had a tough time due to the surprising outcomes the past few weeks. Even though the LCS is not considered the top region at Worlds 2020, most people expected TSM to get some wins. Instead, the North American squad went 0-6. On the flip side, it was a shock to see FlyQuest beat TOP Esports and Team Liquid get the better of G2.

PCS did better than viewers predicted, with Machi Esports taking wins nobody expected throughout their Worlds showing. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it out of groups. PSG Talon shocked fans when they won matches with their team of substitutes, but they also didn’t make it out of groups when they somehow performed worse with their actual lineup. 

On the other hand, not everyone expected to see Suning in the quarterfinals. The LPL team confidently won back-to-back matches against G2 Esports on the final day of groups in order to make the cut. 

Going forward, the remaining 3,050 Pick’em viewers will have to properly predict the outcome of the quarterfinals matches next week. A lot of the matches seem predictable, but play-ins and groups have proven that it’s impossible to know how Worlds will go in 2020. 

If League of Legends fans get their remaining knockout picks correct, they will have the chance to win an Alienware Battlestation, a PC used by pros competing in League of Legends tournaments. Pick’em participants who don’t have perfect scores can still make their choices for the knockout stage, giving them the chance to win in-game items like essence, chests, and emotes based on points. 

Worlds 2020 starts up again on Thursday, October 15. 


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