Online gaming guide: A focus on safety and security

By William Davis


Jan 20, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The internet has significantly changed how things are done. 

The internet heavily influences everything from work, education, shopping, and even entertainment. Gaming, for instance, is one industry that benefited from a massive online upgrade. Nowadays, gamers can play games online using apps and websites.  These games can either be for pure enjoyment, competition, or even a way to gamble with money.

Is online gaming safe?

Most online gaming platforms require users to register with their personal information. Usually, gamers need to enter financial information such as credit card or bank account number. 

While it’s true that there are legitimate gaming sites, there are also plenty with dubious practices. And even when gamers play in a legit site, they are still susceptible to hacking and other security concerns. So what can gamers do to ensure safety and security?

One recommended trick is to use a VPN. The purpose of using a VPN while gaming is to mark their location and keep their personal information secure. Now gamers can use their VPN for the UK countries, access gaming sites without worrying about their personal data getting leaked.

Specific threats to avoid when playing online

Even if players take all the necessary precautions and use a VPN, there are still plenty of possible threats that could breach their online security.

  • A security threat from pirated software. A common source of online privacy breaches is downloading pirated software. These games could infect people’s computer with a virus and even contain spyware that will attempt to access sensitive personal data. That’s why gamers need to use only legitimate platforms and software for all online gaming activities.
  • Third-party apps, plug-ins, and cheat codes. Similar to the previous tip, never download an app or plug-in from a dubious source.
  • Getting your online profile hacked. If someone has multiple online accounts using the same profile, uses weak passwords, and shares too much information in the online gaming community, then gamers might be in danger of possible hacking. When gamers play online, they should make sure that tehy remain anonymous, which is why using a VPN is an excellent idea.
  • Getting hacked in the middle of playing a game. Most online games today have in-game purchases. If they have invested time and money to buy these items, then players need to protect your investment against hackers. For high-value in-game items, hackers can even demand ransom from the owner. Once again, to avoid getting hacked while playing online, gamers need to make sure to keep their profile anonymous. Also, players should never share passwords with friends or let anyone use their gaming account regardless of how much they trust the person.
  • Phishing. In the online gaming community, phishing attempts usually appear in comments and messages. To be extra safe, never click on unknown links and URLs.

Although reputable platforms provide the highest encryption level to protect their players, all are still susceptible, especially if human error and other uncontrollable variables are considered. To ensure that online gaming activity is private and secure, take note of these tips. Also, be extra vigilant because hackers are becoming more sophisticated with their techniques.


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