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Online companies embrace new marketing strategies to reach esports fans

By William Davis


Aug 21, 2023

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Thanks to a favorable decision by the United States Supreme Court in 2018, online gambling is flourishing. At the same time, esports has gone through an identity crisis as popular titles have aged, and many have questioned if the same games can maintain the interest of gamers and fans.

However, new game releases from Valve and Riot Games have silenced doubters. By the looks of it, the esports industry is stronger than ever with titles like Counter-Strike 2 and Valorant, along with evergreen MOBA titles like League of Legends and Dota 2.

At the intersection of esports and online gambling, there is a younger audience. The average gamer and esports fan is relatively young, less wealthy, and more unfamiliar with gambling. And online gambling operators, especially those offering betting, are seeing considerably lower revenue in esports than individual traditional sports like basketball, baseball, and soccer. 

As a result, online gambling sites need new ways to attract younger audiences that consume different media and are engaged with activities other than previous generations, which could be reached easily through traditional sponsorship deals and advertisements.

Pivoting toward original content to reach a larger audience

Gambling companies are recognizing the need to educate and engage an audience that may be unfamiliar with gambling.

These companies are investing in original content to raise awareness about their services. This includes hiring in-house journalists who have worked with esports publications before entering the gambling industry. 

Some companies have taken it a step further by employing former esports professionals to create expert panels and podcasts to create original content covering esports in a way that fans prefer to consume information while adding aspects of gambling.

Benefits of original esports content

Original content allows gambling companies to establish themselves as authoritative sources, building trust with their target audience. By creating informative and entertaining content, these companies can position themselves as not only betting platforms but also valuable resources for esports enthusiasts. 

Additionally, developing original content and new platforms allow gambling companies to expand their educational offering around safety and responsible gambling.

Bridging the gap between esports and traditional sports

A potential side effect of introducing US esports fans to legal online gambling is that they gain exposure to traditional sports, which, organically, often is not an interest due to the commitment to gaming and digital content.

In their quest to engage and captivate younger audiences, online gambling companies are tasked with finding innovative methods to connect with this demographic. The landscape of media consumption has undergone a significant shift, with cord-cutting and the prevalence of digital content rendering traditional media channels insufficient for reaching younger viewers.

With esports and a modern approach to advertising and content creation, it looks like these companies have found a viable path to engage with the next generation of online gamblers.


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